Our garden project, Evering Road Kitchen Garden, has been going for nearly 8 years.

We’re changing things slightly with a more explicit focus on well-being. The process of being in the garden and the relationships formed through it have always been more important than what we actually produce. We feel making this clearer will assist people in understanding what the garden is about. As part of this change we now have a mental health support worker for the project.

A key priority in the garden is to ensure everyone who comes feels welcome and safe. We have also realised that some of our gardeners really enjoy and require one-to-one assistance when doing some activities.

In light of this we’re looking for 2 volunteers to assist at each session and specifically do one to one work with those who need it.

So wether you want to come to just one session, or come regularly, please email:

We garden the 1st and the 2nd Saturday of each month, from 12 to 3 pm.